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January 2018
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January 2017
Gas & Air Systems is Proud to Announce
ANAB Accredited QSR ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design, engineering and servicing of industrial, specialty and process gas compressors and compressor systems.


Certified: ISO 9001:2015

This certification indicates Gas & Air Systems' commitment to enhanced customer satisfaction through the effective application of our quality management system, and that we have processes in place for continual improvement. It also signifies that GAS conforms to applicable customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

For additional information, visit or contact:

1304 Whitaker Street, Hellertown, PA 18055.
Phone: 610-838-9625  ·  FAX: 610-838-9650

  September 2011

Evergreen CNG Systems
is a member of the Gas & Air Systems family
specializing in Compressed Natural Gas Systems
for cost-effective fleet refueling solutions.

January 9, 2017


Hellertown, PA- GAS & AIR SYSTEMS, INC., announces the successful transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 certification for the design, engineering and servicing of industrial, specialty and process gas compressors and compressor systems.  This certification to the latest ISO 9001 Standard indicates GAS & AIR SYSTEMS’ (GAS) continuing commitment to superior customer satisfaction through the application of its quality management system, and that GAS has processes in place for ongoing improvement.  The certification also signifies that GAS & AIR SYSTEMS conforms to applicable customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

Our entire team deserves credit for their commitment to achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification.  This reinforces GAS & AIR SYSTEMS’ dedication to providing reliable, durable process and industrial gas and air compressors and systems and demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction.

GAS supplies Howden BC (formerly Burton Corblin®) process piston, metal diaphragm, and rotary Periflow® compressors, Wartsila (formerly Hamworthy) industrial gas and air compressors, Evergreen CNG Systems and OEM parts and service to the North American market.
For more information, contact: GAS & AIR SYSTEMS, INC., 1304 Whitaker Street, Hellertown, PA  18055. Phone: 610-838-9625, Fax: 610-838-9650.


September, 2010


Hellertown, PA- GAS & AIR SYSTEMS, INC. (GAS), exclusive distributor in North America for Howden Burton Corblin compressors, has recently completed delivery of four (4) oil-free, special purpose, process gas piston compressor packages to the new Hoku Materials polysilicon facility in Pocatello, Idaho. These GAS piston compressor packages are designed and built to API Standard 618 for the compression of hydrogen-rich gas.

Hoku Materials plans to manufacture, market, and sell polysilicon for the solar market from this new plant. Hoku Materials, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hoku Corporation.

Shaw, Stone and Webster, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts, specified and purchased the compressors for this advanced manufacturing plant.

In announcing the successful completion of the contract, Bob O’Brien, Vice President of GAS & AIR SYSTEMS, INC., stated: “We are pleased to have been selected by Shaw Stone and Webster, and Hoku to provide this critical portion of the new state-of-the-art facility.”

Burton Corblin Piston Compressor
package for Hoku Materials

Gas and Air Systems supplies Howden Burton Corblin piston and diaphragm compressors as well as other process and industrial compressors; dryers, filtration units, refurbished compressors and OEM parts and service to the North American market.

For additional information, contact:
1304 Whitaker Street
Hellertown, PA 18055.
Tel: 610-838-9625 ·
FAX: 610-838-9650


December, 2004

Gas & Air Systems, Inc. has recently delivered an Oxygen Compressor package to Tecnico Corporation, Panama City FL for installation at the US Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center.

The compressor is a Burton Corblin metal diaphragm compressor designed to transfer gaseous O2 from transport trailers into high pressure storage. Chosen for its flexibility and reliability, the entire system is engineered and equipped to boost O2 gas from a supply pressure as low as 100psiG to a discharge pressure of up to 3,000psiG at a capacity of 11 – 45 scfm.

The package includes gas coolers, compressor monitoring, protective, and control devices, as well as a closed loop cooling system and a compressor control panel. The package was engineered and manufactured by Gas & Air Systems to fit on an existing foundation, minimizing on-site construction costs. The entire process system was cleaned and certified to MIL STD-1330D.

Diaphragm Compressor Package

Burton Corblin Diaphragm Compressor
package for Tecnico Corp.

Gas: Oxygen
Inlet Pressure:
from 100 psiG
Discharge Pressure:
to 3000 psiG
11 - 45 scfm

The Metal Diaphragm Compressor was invented and patented by Burton Corblin in 1916. It has been continuously developed by Burton Corblin who remains the world’s leading manufacturer of the metal diaphragm compressor, the technology of choice for oil-free, non-contaminating, leak-tight compression of high-purity, hazardous, or aggressive gases, including Oxygen and other oxidizing gases.

Gas & Air Systems, Inc., a Weldship Group Company, is the exclusive North American packager and distributor of Burton Corblin Compressors. Headquartered in Hellertown, PA, GAS provides sales, engineering, fabrication, manufacturing and “after sales” Customer Service, and maintains an inventory of factory approved spare parts for Burton Corblin.

Call 1-888-8GAS for more information.

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GAS participated
in GAWDA's 60th Annual Convention


October 3-7, 2004 ~ Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV



Gas & Air Systems, Inc.

ANAB Accredited


Certified: ISO 9001:2015


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