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GAS is Burton Corblin's North American Distributor

Tel: 610-838-9625 · Spare Parts Hotline: 1-888-8GASAIR (1-888-842-7247)
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GAS principals include Steve St. Martin, and Bob O'Brien. Together, they bring over 50 years of experience to GAS and your gas compression project, with a wide range of compressors and compressor systems to meet your needs.

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Gas & Air Systems, Inc.
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September-October 2003
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Compressor Tech Two

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Gas & Air Systems features Burton Corblin Diaphragm and Piston Compressors
from Howden BC Compressors


Compressor Types:
  • Metal Diaphragm Compressors
  • Piston Compressors
    • Non-Lubricated
    • Lubricated
  • Hybrid Piston/Diaphragm Compressor Systems
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Gases
    all types of gases handled: hazardous; toxic; corrosive; explosive; radioactive.
  • Process Gases
  • Breathing Air
  • Air & Gas, 5-1740 HP

For Sales and Service on Burton Corblin or other Process or Industrial
gas or air compressors you can locate a representative in your area
or contact Gas & Air Systems, directly.


Gas & Air Systems, Inc.

ANAB Accredited


Certified: ISO 9001:2015


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